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preferences Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Modify, read and display user preferences.

This module contain GUI code to display dialogs regarding user preferences, and functions which read and modify the preferences.


struct  base_manager
struct  display_manager
struct  manager




void _set_colour_cursors (bool value)
void _set_ellipses (bool ison)
void _set_fullscreen (bool ison)
void _set_grid (bool ison)
void _set_iconize_list (bool sort)
void _set_idle_anim (const bool ison)
void _set_idle_anim_rate (const int rate)
void _set_lobby_joins (int show)
void _set_resolution (const std::pair< int, int > &res)
void _set_scroll_to_action (bool ison)
void _set_sort_list (bool sort)
void _set_turbo (bool ison)
void add_alias (const std::string &alias, const std::string &command)
void add_completed_campaign (const std::string &campaign_id)
bool add_friend (const std::string &nick)
bool add_ignore (const std::string &nick)
bool allow_observers ()
bool animate_map ()
bool ask_delete_saves ()
bool auto_open_whisper_windows ()
int autosavemax ()
int bell_volume ()
std::string campaign_server ()
int chat_lines ()
bool chat_timestamping ()
void clear (const std::string &key)
void clear_friends ()
void clear_ignores ()
std::string client_type ()
std::string clock_format ()
bool compare_resolutions (const std::pair< int, int > &lhs, const std::pair< int, int > &rhs)
bool compress_saves ()
bool confirm_no_moves ()
bool countdown ()
int countdown_action_bonus ()
int countdown_init_time ()
int countdown_reservoir_time ()
int countdown_turn_bonus ()
std::string custom_command ()
bool delete_saves ()
bool detect_video_settings (CVideo &video, std::pair< int, int > &resolution, int &bpp, int &video_flags)
void disable_preferences_save ()
int draw_delay ()
bool ellipses ()
void enable_mouse_scroll (bool value)
void encounter_map_terrain (gamemap &map)
void encounter_recallable_units (std::vector< team > &teams)
void encounter_recruitable_units (std::vector< team > &teams)
void encounter_start_units (unit_map &units)
< t_translation::t_terrain > & 
encountered_terrains ()
std::set< std::string > & encountered_units ()
int era ()
void erase (const std::string &key)
bool flip_time ()
bool fog ()
bool fullscreen ()
std::string get (const std::string &key)
const configget_alias ()
std::string get_chat_timestamp (const time_t &t)
const configget_child (const std::string &key)
const std::set< std::string > & get_friends ()
std::vector< std::string > * get_history (const std::string &id)
const std::set< std::string > & get_ignores ()
std::string get_mp_server_program_name ()
unsigned int get_ping_timeout ()
configget_prefs ()
bool green_confirm ()
bool grid ()
bool has_upload_log ()
bool iconize_list ()
bool idle_anim ()
int idle_anim_rate ()
static void initialize_friends ()
static void initialize_ignores ()
bool interrupt_when_ally_sighted ()
bool is_authenticated ()
bool is_campaign_completed (const std::string &campaign_id)
bool is_friend (const std::string &nick)
bool is_ignored (const std::string &nick)
const std::string & language ()
void load_hotkeys ()
int lobby_joins ()
bool lobby_sounds ()
std::string login ()
int map ()
bool message_bell ()
bool message_private ()
bool middle_click_scrolls ()
int min_allowed_height ()
int min_allowed_width ()
bool mouse_scroll_enabled ()
int mouse_scroll_threshold ()
int mp_server_warning_disabled ()
bool music_on ()
int music_volume ()
std::string network_host ()
void parse_admin_authentication (const std::string &sender, const std::string &message)
bool parse_should_show_lobby_join (const std::string &sender, const std::string &message)
std::string password ()
bool playerlist_group_players ()
bool playerlist_sort_name ()
bool playerlist_sort_relation ()
bool random_start_time ()
bool remember_password ()
void remove_friend (const std::string &nick)
void remove_ignore (const std::string &nick)
std::pair< int, int > resolution ()
unsigned int sample_rate ()
void save_hotkeys ()
bool save_replays ()
void save_sample_rate (const unsigned int rate)
void save_sound_buffer_size (const size_t size)
void save_turbo_speed (const double speed)
int scroll_speed ()
bool scroll_to_action ()
const std::vector
< game_config::server_info > & 
server_list ()
void set (const std::string &key, std::string value)
void set_allow_observers (bool value)
void set_ask_delete_saves (bool value)
void set_auto_open_whisper_windows (bool v)
void set_autosavemax (int value)
void set_bell_volume (int vol)
void set_campaign_server (const std::string &host)
void set_chat_lines (int lines)
void set_chat_timestamping (bool value)
void set_child (const std::string &key, const config &val)
void set_colour_cursors (bool value)
void set_countdown (bool value)
void set_countdown_action_bonus (int value)
void set_countdown_init_time (int value)
void set_countdown_reservoir_time (int value)
void set_countdown_turn_bonus (int value)
void set_custom_command (const std::string &command)
void set_delete_saves (bool value)
void set_draw_delay (int value)
void set_ellipses (bool ison)
void set_era (int value)
void set_flip_time (bool value)
void set_fog (bool value)
void set_fullscreen (bool ison)
void set_fullscreen (CVideo &video, const bool ison)
void set_grid (bool ison)
static void set_iconize_list (bool ison)
void set_idle_anim (bool ison)
void set_idle_anim_rate (int rate)
void set_interrupt_when_ally_sighted (bool value)
void set_language (const std::string &s)
static void set_lobby_joins (int ison)
void set_lobby_sounds (bool v)
void set_login (const std::string &username)
void set_map (int value)
void set_message_private (bool value)
void set_mp_server_program_name (const std::string &path)
void set_mp_server_warning_disabled (int value)
bool set_music (bool ison)
void set_music_volume (int vol)
void set_network_host (const std::string &host)
void set_password (const std::string &password)
void set_ping_timeout (unsigned int timeout)
void set_playerlist_group_players (bool v)
void set_playerlist_sort_name (bool v)
void set_playerlist_sort_relation (bool v)
void set_random_start_time (bool value)
void set_remember_password (bool remember)
bool set_resolution (CVideo &video, const unsigned width, const unsigned height)
void set_resolution (const std::pair< int, int > &resolution)
void set_save_replays (bool value)
void set_scroll_speed (const int new_speed)
void set_scroll_to_action (bool ison)
void set_show_ai_moves (bool value)
void set_show_floating_labels (bool value)
void set_show_fps (bool value)
void set_show_haloes (bool value)
void set_show_side_colours (bool value)
void set_shroud (bool value)
void set_skip_mp_replay (bool value)
static void set_sort_list (bool ison)
bool set_sound (bool ison)
void set_sound_volume (int vol)
void set_theme (const std::string &theme)
void set_turbo (bool ison)
void set_turbo_speed (double speed)
bool set_turn_bell (bool ison)
void set_turn_dialog (bool ison)
void set_turns (int value)
bool set_UI_sound (bool ison)
void set_UI_volume (int vol)
void set_upload_log (bool value)
void set_use_map_settings (bool value)
void set_village_gold (int value)
void set_whisper_friends_only (bool v)
void set_xp_modifier (int value)
bool show_ai_moves ()
bool show_combat ()
bool show_floating_labels ()
bool show_fps ()
bool show_haloes ()
void show_hotkeys_dialog (display &disp, config *save_config)
void show_preferences_dialog (display &disp, const config &game_cfg)
bool show_side_colours ()
bool show_standing_animations ()
bool show_theme_dialog (display &disp)
bool show_video_mode_dialog (display &disp)
std::string show_wesnothd_server_search (display &disp)
bool shroud ()
bool skip_mp_replay ()
bool sort_list ()
size_t sound_buffer_size ()
bool sound_on ()
int sound_volume ()
bool startup_effect ()
std::string theme ()
bool turbo ()
double turbo_speed ()
bool turn_bell ()
bool turn_dialog ()
int turns ()
bool UI_sound_on ()
int UI_volume ()
std::string upload_id ()
bool upload_log ()
bool use_colour_cursors ()
bool use_map_settings ()
int village_gold ()
bool whisper_friends_only ()
void write_preferences ()
int xp_modifier ()
bool yellow_confirm ()


display * disp = NULL
const int INFINITE_AUTO_SAVES = 61
double scroll = 0.2

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